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Package for myoma uteri by uterine artery embolization (UAE) (Shonan Kamakura General Hospital)

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  • Tokushukai Shonan-Kamakura General Hospital
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Package for myoma uteri by uterine artery embolization (UAE) (Shonan Kamakura General Hospital)
  • medical treatment:uterine myoma
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[Medical condition]Myoma uteri [Special features]Catheter is inserted into uterine artery under the radioscopy, embolus material is injected, feeding arteries are embolized, and the myoma falls into necrosis. As this therapy is performed using catheter, there are advantages such that duration of hospitalization is short, the uterus can be preserved, blood transfusion is not required, a scar is not left in the abdomen, reoccurrence of myoma uteri is less, and recovery after the operation is faster. UAE is spreading rapidly in Europe and America. The Secretary of State of the United States of America, Ms.Rice received this treatment. [Clinical department]Radiology department, IVR center [Doctors in charge]Director of IVR center Dr Toshiki Tukiyama, graduated from Tokyo Medical Dental University, Chief of radiation diagnosis department, Chief of IVR center, Diagnosis specialist authorized by Japan Radiological Society, Specialist authorized by Japan IVR Society, Authorized doctor of image interpretation for Breast Cancer [Equipment]IVR-CT system (SIEMENS) combining the most advanced function such as Catheter Navigation System
consultation day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
day off
Year-end and New Year Holidays, Golden Week
requirement, condition for apply
[Conditions for accepting]
・People who do not want to take surgical treatment such as hysterectomy or myomectomy
・People who do not have serious allergy against iodine contrast agent or embolus materials made of gelatin (gelatin sponge), which is used for the treatment ・People who expect the pregnancy and the delivery after the operation are required to get consultation to a doctor in charge
・Adenomyosis uteri is able to treat with this procedure, however it is generally said that recurrence rate is high. 〈Based on the information, we decide whether the patient is acceptable or not〉
・Medical history
・Blood examination data
・Image (CT, MRI)
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