We offer one-stop service for the procedures necessary to receive hemodialysis in Japan, such as appointments for dialysis, acceptance measures, and payments, in commission with medical institutions.

[Three reassuring points]

  • Introducing institutes in the area you request, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
  • Offering one-stop services from reservation to the day of dialysis
  • Multilingual support is available

[Service flow]

STEP 1  Application

Please let us know "date" and "city" of your requirement of dialysis treatment in Japan,
through ((Contact Us)) on the top of this page. At least 2 weels ahead. (Sunday is closed)

STEP 2  Confirmation

Acceptance condition in the institute is confirmed according to your requests.

STEP 3  Information presented

Please send the following documents in case that the institue accecpts your case;    
①Inquiry Sheet (Patient Information Sheet) : we will send you the own format of the dialysis center when it is decided.
②Blood test report (LAB test) : please ask it to your home doctor. 

STEP 4  Final Decision

The Japanese institute finally decide whether to accept you.
We can arrange interpreter according to the requirement. 

STEP 5  Payment

When the reservation is fixed, you'll need to pay the dialysis fee before coming to Japan.
* Note: If you do not pay before coming to Japan, the reservation might be canceled.

STEP 6  Guidance

We'll inform you of confirmation of reservation and what to do on the dialysis day.

STEP 7  Dialysis

Submit a document on dialysis condition before coming to Japan and receive dialysis.
Please come to the dialysis center by yourselves.

Precautions in use of the service

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