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Robotic-assisted prostate malignancy surgery for prostate cancer

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  • Tokai University Hospital
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Robotic-assisted prostate malignancy surgery for prostate cancer
  • medical treatment:prostate cancer
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Using a robotic device (da Vinci) consisting of instruments manipulated by a physician and a three-dimensional endoscope, several holes of several centimeters in diameter are made in the lower abdomen, and the prostate gland is removed and excised.
This procedure makes the operation more delicate and precise than conventional laparoscopic surgery because it provides a three-dimensional view and the surgical site can be magnified.
It is a more delicate procedure than laparoscopic surgery, and it is also expected to restore postoperative urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Hospitalization days: 10 days
Actual results: 836 cases (as of December 2022)
requirement, condition for apply
After we confirm your results of prostate biopsy (any method), pathology slides, biopsy site, MRI, thoracoabdominal contrast CT, bone scintigraphy(if performed) information,we evaluate whether you can be treated.
precaution, contraindication
<Precautions after treatment>
Please stay in Japan for 4 days after discharge from the hospital so that you can see the doctor in case of a sudden change (since we need to follow you up in Japan at least 2weeks or 14days after the surgery).
After returning to your home country, please check your PSA at a medical institution in your home country and send the results to us by e-mail, our doctors will monitor your progress.
The follow-up period for prostate cancer is 10 years regardless of the treatment. But the follow-up will not be carried out at our hospital, and it will be referred to another medical institution. Also the cost of follow-up is not included in the medical tourism package price and will be borne separately by the medical institution where you will do follow up.
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