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Prostatectomy using da Vinci technology (Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hospital)

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  • Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hospital
  • 251-0041
  • Kanagawa1-5-1 Tsujido Kandai, Fujisawa city
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Prostatectomy using da Vinci technology (Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hospital)
  • medical treatment:prostate cancer
program details
[Features]This is the operation method with which the operation is conducted having10 times wider visual field than the naked eye and the complicated and sensitive operation can be performed better than the one performed with human hands. Since the instruments can be handled smoothly putting into the narrow space to be hard to reach by human hands, the prostate is removed completely without breaking nerves, blood vessels, or organs in prostatectomy considered it difficult technically. In total prostatectomy, remaining bladder and urinary tracts are joined after removing the prostate. When da Vinci is used, the suture between the bladder and the urinary tract enable to be performed appropriately, and it is expected that the patient has less urinary incontinence after the operation as nerves are preserved.  [Advantages of the operation managed by robot]Faster postoperative recovery, Less amount of bleeding, Excellent curability, Preservation of function including urinary continence
duration (days)
10 days
requirement, condition for apply
[[Condition for accepting]Prostate cancer in early stage Less than 75 years old There are the height, weight restrictions 〈Propriety of accepting is judged based on the advanced clinical information〉1. MRI image 2. Pathological report of biopsy 3. CT 4. Preoperative evaluation 5. Past-history of the operation
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