• health check up
  • medical treatment

Tokushukai Shonan-Kamakura General Hospital

  • 247-8533 Kanagawa1370-1 Okamoto, Kamakura-shi
  • health check up:gastroscope、colonscope、MRI/MRA
  • medical treatment:cardiac infarction、arthritis(joint pain)、、
facility details
Shonan Kamakura General Hospital has a total of 574 beds. The building has 15 floors aboveground and one below and is a base-isolated structure. The facilities include a rooftop helipad, emergency room, operation room and cardiac catheterization laboratory. The hospital is equipped with advanced medical devices, such as a 3.0 tesla MRI, 320-row CT, and the latest radiation therapy device for the TomoTherapy system. In terms of hospitalization functions, the outpatient office, laboratory, treatment, and patient's rooms of the cardiac, stroke, and obstetric centers are all situated on the same floor, which minimizes movement of the patients to allow for prompt attention.
specialized field
[Health checkup]
Complete medical checkup of the brain
Complete cardiovascular medical checkup
Complete medical checkup (whole body)

Cardiovascular diseases (endovascular intervention using catheter or stent)
Colonic polyps (endoscopic resection)
Malignant tumors of digestive organs (cancers of the colon, stomach, esophagus, malignant gallbladder tumors etc. )
Osteoarthritis of the knee (knee joint replacement )
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【Cooperating foreign medical institution】Sophia Tokuda Hospital in Bulgaria, Kuakini Medical Center in the USA, Queens medical center in the USA, Cambridge University in England, Boston University in the USA
【Location】It is located in an ancient city, Kamakura one hour by train from Tokyo. This region is fulfilled with sightseeing resources and you can reach to Izu hot spring area in 30 min.
【Contents of the treatment】Tomotherapy, CT with 320 columns CT 3.0 tesla MRI, X-ray television, Mammography, Mammotome, Angiography imaging apparatus etc. 【Facility and others】Hayama heart center, Shonan-Atugi Hospital, Shonan-Kamakura artificial joint center etc.
【Special health checkup/Health checkup field】Brain dock, Heart dock, Whole body (total) Ningen dock
【Special field of treatment】Cardiovascular diseases (Intravascular therapy using catheter or stent etc.), Colon poly (endoscopic polypectomy), Gastrointestinal malignant tumor (colon cancer, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, gallbladder tumor (malignant) etc.) Knee osteoarthrosis (Artificial joint replacement 〈knee〉
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