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Treatment package for prostate cancer by radiation therapy・Tomo Therapy (Shonan Kamakura General Hospital)

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  • Tokushukai Shonan-Kamakura General Hospital
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Treatment package for prostate cancer by radiation therapy・Tomo Therapy (Shonan Kamakura General Hospital)
  • medical treatment:prostate cancer
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[[Medical condition] Prostate cancer [Special features]Radical treatment for prostate cancer is performed by Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy of less adverse reactions.
[Clinical department]Radiation Oncology
[Doctors in charge]Dr.Motoko Ohmura, who is graduated from Hamamatu Medical University in 1990, and Yokohama City University, School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine in1998 Resident in Yokohama City University Hospital from 1990-1992 To be engaged in basic research and clinical medicine of radiation therapy in the university from 1922 to 2011 To be engaged in basic research of childhood cancer in California State University, San Diego, School of Medicine from July in 1996 to March in 2000 To be in charge of radiation therapy in Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center 【Affiliated academic society】 Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology, Japan Radiological Society, American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society, Specialist of radiation therapy, Cancer treatment authorized specialist, Authorized doctor for cancer treatment Past record: The number of total cases 306, The number of prostate cancer 60 cases.
day off
Year end and New Year holiday, Golden week
requirement, condition for apply
[Acceptable patient]80 years old and under [Condition] 1. Patient is diagnosed as prostate cancer performing prostate biopsy before the treatment. 2. Image diagnosis before the treatment prove that the patient does not have distant metastasis and lymph-node metastasis. 3. PSA value and MRI image before hormonal therapy was acquired. 4. Patient is categorized in low risk or middle risk by D’amico classification based on the condition above. <Information and documents being necessary to decide treatment indication should be prepared in English, described below> ・ Preparation of prostate biopsy (it will be performed again in our hospital) ・Pathological report of biopsy ・Radiation image and the report of results 1. Pelvic MRI image before starting hormonal therapy before or after biopsy 2. Radiological image before hormonal treatment (Chest or Pelvic CT, Bone scintigraphy) Report of results regarding #1 and #2 described above. ・ Medical history ・Medicine which is taken at present (Particularly anticoagulant and medicine for diabetes) ・Transition of PSA value from pre to post hormonal therapy <Information to patient> ・Bladder is filled with urine by drinking water 30 min before the treatment and then the treatment is performed. To drink additional water when urine collection is not enough. ・When the rectum is filled with gas, it will be discharged by a tube. Time of staying in the hospital is prolonged in case of performing that kind of treatment. ・It is not allowed to smoke during the period of the treatment. ・To try to refrain from alcohol drinking ・To try to have bowel movement every morning (A purgative medicine is prescribed if required) ・Frequent urination or deterioration of nocturia is an adverse reaction which always occurs and it may improve after the treatment in about one month. ・You may need to wait almost one hour before the treatment according to the order arrangement of other patients or the treatment described below.
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