Greetings from the Chairman

 Founded in October 1974, our foundation is poised to celebrate its golden jubilee this year. Throughout these five decades, we have steadfastly focused on preventive medicine, spearheading the Comprehensive Health Screening Center's operations and crafting health promotion programs that leverage the natural environment, such as hot spring and climate therapies, aimed at enhancing and restoring the well-being of the Japanese populace.

The global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection that began in 2020 was not only a major disaster in itself, but also brought about major changes in society as a whole, including the diversification of work styles and values. On the other hand, it also served as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of "health" while dealing with various infectious diseases. In addition, as various companies and organizations are taking proactive steps toward the SDGs, "Corporate Management through Health Management" is becoming established as an important keyword.

In response to the societal call for enhanced health promotion, we acknowledge the broadening scope of our foundation's role. This includes exploring new health initiatives utilizing hot springs, assessing and augmenting their efficacy, conducting secure health screenings grounded in preventive medicine, offering health promotion consultancy, and launching novel medical ventures to foster international collaboration. Since April 2017, the Japan Medical & Health Tourism Center (JMHC) has established its base alongside the Japan Health Development Foundation, which is committed to health creation based on preventive medicine through both research and the comprehensive health screening center operation.

Looking forward, JMHC remains dedicated to meeting the health promotion needs of the community, fostering collaborations across healthcare providers, governmental bodies, academic institutions, and various organizations. By introducing innovative services through JMHC, we aspire to contribute significantly to the health improvement and rehabilitation of individuals both within Japan and globally.

Noritsugu Kato,
Chairman, Japan Health Development Foundation 
(General Manager, Medical & Healthcare Business Division)


事業主体 株式会社JTB経営戦略本部
組織名称 メディカル&ヘルスケア事業
所在地 〒103-0027 東京都中央区日本橋3-1-4 画廊ビル8F


設立年月 2005年11月
電話/FAX TEL:03-5290-1625
  • ヘルスツーリズム・健康な街づくり、日本版CCRC、地域包括ケアシステムの構築に資する各種コンサルティング・事業開発業務
  • ヘルスツーリズム・健康な街づくり、日本版CCRC、地域包括ケアシステムの構築に資する各種コンサルティング・事業開発業務ヘルスケアサービスにおけるサービス品質の向上に資する各種コンサルティング業務
  • 心理学的生理学的手法によるヘルスケアサービスの調査・研究業務


設立年月 2010年4月22日
電話/FAX TEL:03-5290-1630
  • 訪日外国人受診者・患者と国内医療機関および健康増進施設をつなぐプラットフォーム運営業務
  • メディカルツーリズム(国際医療交流・インバウンド)実施のための各種通訳・翻訳、医療滞在ビザの身元保証等業務
  • 国際化を目指す国内医療機関および健康増進施設等のためのPR・サポート業務
事業受託 一般財団法人 日本健康開発財団
(Japan Health & Research Institute)
設立 1974年(昭和49年)
代表者 理事長: 加藤 典嗣

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