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“The BioJet System”, a 3D Prostate Biopsy System using MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Images

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  • Tokai University Hospital
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“The BioJet System”, a 3D Prostate Biopsy System using MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Images
  • medical treatment:prostate cancer、biopsy
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The "targeted biopsy" method using BioJet is a system that takes an MRI image first to confirm the site of cancer in advance, and then on the software, synthesizes the image superimposing the prior MRI image (an image in which the suspected cancer site has been identified) on the ultrasound image used when the biopsy needle is inserted into the prostate, which makes it possible to collect tissue efficiently and accurately from the suspected site.

It has been difficult to confirm just using conventional ultrasound unless large cancers, and in many cases, only the location of the prostate and the biopsy needle could be confirmed.
By performing an accurate prostate biopsy with the BioJet, we can avoid repeated and unnecessary biopsies,detect prostate cancer in just one biopsy as much as possible,and can advance to the next stage of treatment as early as possible.

Hospitalization days: 3 days
Actual results: 477 cases (as of December 2022)
requirement, condition for apply
After sending us your PSA value, TNM classification, biopsy method, biopsy results (Gleason score), diagram showing the biopsy site, TRUS (transrectal ultrasound image), and MRI images, we evaluate whether you need another biopsy at our hospital or treatment can be performed without any inspections.
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<Precautions after treatment>
It is possible to fly two days after treatment (BioJet is for examination only).
It is possible to explain the results via email. There is no follow-up period.
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