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We provide the following advanced biopsies and treatments for prostate cancer for medical inbound patients.

<“The BioJet System”, a 3D Prostate Biopsy System using MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Images>
This is the system for pinpoint prostate biopsy that uses 3D images fused with MRI and ultrasound.

<Local ablation and coagulation of prostate cancer using focused ultrasound device prostate cancer (limited to focal lesion) [HIFU]>
This treatment has more likely to preserve urinary incontinence and sexual function than surgery or radiation therapy.

<Robotic-assisted prostate malignancy surgery for prostate cancer>
This technique has advantages over conventional surgery, such as smaller wounds, less pain, and faster recovery after surgery.
specialized field
Advanced testing and advanced treatment for prostate cancer (Nephrology and Urology)
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・15 minutes from Tomei Expressway Atsugi IC (30 minutes from Tokyo IC) via Route 246
・Odakyu Odawara Line Isehara Station (55 minutes from Shinjuku Station by rapid express train), 15 minutes
walk or 10 minutes by bus from the station

【Medical instruments】  MRI/TRUS 3-D fusion image-guided trans-perineal prostate biopsy system (prostate biopsy), Sonablate 500 (HIFU), da Vinci [da Vinci] Xi (robot-assisted)

【Facilities in the clinic】  Number of beds: 804 beds; rental of inpatient bedclothes available
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