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  • orthopaedic surgery

CBTmethod(cortical bone trajectory)(Murayama Medical Center)

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  • Independent Administrative Institution National Hospital Organization Murayama Medical Center
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CBTmethod(cortical bone trajectory)(Murayama Medical Center)
  • medical treatment:arthritis(joint pain)
  • orthopaedic surgery:spine
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Depending on the extent of the lesion, a 5-8 cm longitudinal incision is made posterior to the lumbar region under general anesthesia, and the muscle is debrided and deployed. Using intraoperative fluoroscopy, screws are inserted into the cortical bone. Compared to the conventional method, this method prevents postoperative deformity and reduces blood loss because the muscle is not stripped and the joint is preserved. The surgery takes about 2 hours and requires only about 50 ml of blood loss. Patients will be in bed for two days after the surgery, and will be able to walk from the third day. The patient is discharged from the hospital after the wound has settled at 10 days postoperatively. The average number of lumbar fusion surgeries in the last three years was 239 per year. Lumbar spine surgery cannot completely eliminate symptoms. Numbness, pain, and other paralysis can remain. Although rare, it is possible for paralysis to worsen. Postoperative infection occurs in a few patients. In those cases, as reoperation under general anesthesia is required, hospital stay is prolonged. In 2020, the infection rate was 3.0%.
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