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Examination and Treatment support through Japan Visit

implementation facility
  • Japan Private Clinic
  • 819-0002
  • FukuokaFukuoka#302, 3-11-29 Meinohama, Nishi ward, Fukuoka city, FUKUOKA, JAPAN
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Examination and Treatment support through Japan Visit
  • medical treatment:lung cancer
program details
This is a program that supports patients who are “diagnosed with cancer” or "suspected of cancer in their country of residence or in the above program (2). We support patients from visiting Japan to seeing an appropriate medical institution. After undergoing inspections and treatment in Japan, we can also take charge of “follow-up” after returning to your country of residence.
We kindly respond to the patient's anxiety such as; "Could my symptom / diagnosis / test data and anxiety properly be delivered and communicated to/with the medical institution that performs the tests and treatment?”

【Target disease】
・ Lung cancer
・ Liver cancer (hepatic carcinoma), Bile duct cancer, Gallbladder cancer, Pancreatic cancer
・ Breast cancer, Uterine cancer, Ovarian cancer
・ Gastric (Stomach) cancer, Colon cancer
・ Brain tumor
・ Other neoplastic diseases (please ask us)
Japanese language/English/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese
consultation day
Advance Reservatopm
duration (days)
1 hour
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here