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Reevaluation of the test result for Cancer

implementation facility
  • Japan Private Clinic
  • 819-0002
  • FukuokaFukuoka#302, 3-11-29 Meinohama, Nishi ward, Fukuoka city, FUKUOKA, JAPAN
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program name
Reevaluation of the test result for Cancer
  • medical treatment:lung cancer
program details
This is a program that aims at early detection of cancers and prevention of misdiagnoses. A Japanese specialist reevaluates the test data obtained in the patient's country of residence, such as ultrasound examination, CT / MRI, breast examination (ultrasound, mammography), blood test, etc.
This program can be used when the patient seeks for second opinions or wants to ensure the received diagnosis is the right one.

We respond to and support patient’s anxiety for the risk of life-threatening disease.

【Example 1】
Suspected Lung cancer: After chest CT and blood test (tumor marker)
My doctor told me I had a lung cancer. I was advised to remove the lung. Is it really a lung cancer? Should the lung really be removed? I want Japanese specialists to re-evaluate the data comprehensively again.

【Example 2】
Suspected Breast cancer: After mammography, ultrasonography, and examination
My doctor told me I had a breast cancer. I was advised to remove the right breast. Is it really a breast cancer? Should I really remove my breast?
I want a Japanese specialist to re-evaluate it

【Target disease】
・ Lung cancer
・ Liver cancer (hepatic carcinoma), Bile duct cancer, Gallbladder cancer,
Pancreatic cancer
・ Breast cancer, Uterine cancer, Ovarian cancer
・ Gastric (Stomach) cancer, Colon cancer
・ Brain tumor
・ Other neoplastic diseases (please ask us)
Japanese language/English/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese
consultation day
Advance Reservation
duration (days)
1 hour
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here