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Regular medical examination of life-style related diseases

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  • Japan Private Clinic
  • 819-0002
  • FukuokaFukuoka#302, 3-11-29 Meinohama, Nishi ward, Fukuoka city, FUKUOKA, JAPAN
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Regular medical examination of life-style related diseases
  • medical treatment:diabetes
program details
We provide regular medical examinations every month or every few months for the lifestyle-related diseases including Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Gout and control your data appropriately. Patients can have one more family physician outside your own country, who understand your health condition.

We respond to your anxieties such as “Should I continue the current remedies and medications? Is the current evaluation really correct?”

【Example 1】
Regular medicine: Anxiety for my current prescription
My doctor always prescribes me the same types and amounts of pills for my hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, but my data is not in the good condition. Is it really an appropriate prescription? Should I take other pills and different amounts of pills? I want Japanese specialists to re-evaluate my prescription.

【Example 2】
Regular check-up: Anxiety for the evaluation of my health check-up

I periodically take blood tests, electrocardiograms, and other tests. I sometimes feel anxiety about the correctness of the evaluation. If the evaluation of the test results is not appropriate, periodic tests don’t work well. I want Japanese specialists to re-evaluate the test results.

【Target disease】
・ Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Gout, Hyperuricemia
・ Allergies, Asthma, COPD
・ Insomnia
・ Hepatitis, Cirrhosis
・ Atrial fibrillation, Chronic heart failure, Chronic kidney disease
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1 hour
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