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“YASASHII” cosmetic dermatology⑦Botox course

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  • “YASASHII” cosmetic dermatology・Akihabara-in dermatology
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“YASASHII” cosmetic dermatology⑦Botox course
  • cosmetic:cosmetic surgery
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【Special features】Couse to be able to choose three places freely from brow, forehead, corners of the eye, chin, bunny line, angle of the mandible, or armpit 【Contents】Botox for brow, forehead, corners of the eye, chin, or bunny line improves expression wrinkle. Botox for angle of the mandible improves teeth grinding or clenching leading to a small face. Botox for armpit improves armpit sweat or underarm odor. Cosmetic vitamin medicine for internal use for one month is included (drugs approved by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, covered by Japanese health insurance, and prescribed by hospital)
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