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Cell Reverse (D-FRONT)

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Cell Reverse (D-FRONT)
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*What is cell reverse (Autologous Cultured dermal fibroblast transplantation)? ①The skin has a full dermal fibroblast in youth and it keeps it’s tension (elasticity) ②Tension (elasticity) is lost as dermal fibroblasts decrease along with aging. ③Skin piece (red beans (Azuki) size) is collected. ④Dermal fibroblast is cultured from the skin piece using your own blood (approximately 160cc) as culture medium ⑤It is cultured and proliferated to about 10,000 times in Cell Culture Center. ⑥Cultured and activated dermal fibroblast is transplanted. ⑦Fresh and active dermal fibroblast LP banner cells produce collage and elastin, which revives skin tension (elasticity) *Treatment process ①Counseling ②Blood examination for infectious diseases (the time required is 1 hour) <from one week to 4 months later> ③Collecting skin and blood and ENERJET lift (the time required is 2 hours) <5 weeks later> ④The first time skin cell transplantation and ENERJET lift (the time required is 3 hours) <2 weeks later>⑤The second time skin cell transplantation (the time required is 2 hours) <Cells which use in future are cryopreserved > *The body parts which is able to be transplanted ①Area under the eye ②Eyelid ③Nasolabial fold ④Around the mouth ⑤The temple ⑥Outer corner of the eye ⑦The middle of the forehead ⑧The forehead ⑨The cheek ⑩Lips ⑪Acne marks ⑫Neck and Hands
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