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Therapy using Self adipose derived regenerative cells for aging such as wrinkle or sagging etc. (Ginza Zen)

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  • Ginza ZEN Clinic
  • 104-0061
  • TokyoJPR Ginza Namikidouri Building 11th floor, 5-5-4, Ginza, Cyuou-ku, Tokyo 
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Therapy using Self adipose derived regenerative cells for aging such as wrinkle or sagging etc. (Ginza Zen)
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program details
Hyaluronic acid injection etc. is performed in Japan at present as a therapy for skin aging. Hyaluronic acid lifts the skin from the inside of the dermis and improves a fold of the wrinkle. Compared with stem cell therapy, this treatment has a rapid effect so that you feel the good result promptly. However, hyaluronic acid injection only has the effect to heap up a hollow by injecting artificial material, and it does not have the anti-aging effect to skin itself. In addition, as injected hyaluronic acid is absorbed in the body little by little, the duration of the effect is approximately 6 months. Allergic reaction may occur rarely as it is an artificial material infusion. In contrast, in terms of stem cell therapy, you do not worry about adverse reaction at all as stem cells are cultured only by self-adipose cells and are injected and you expect natural finish as this therapy has an anti-aging effect for skin itself with the function of growth factor secreted by stem cells and also artificial materials is not injected.
We give you intravenous drip infusion of human adipose derived regenerated cells clear supematant culture liquid as a courtesy on the day of fat extraction. This culture liquid obtained in the process of stem cell culture contains cell-activating materials including more than 200 kinds of growth factors or cytokines. In addition, we offer you other optional treatment such as cosmetic dermatology or cosmetic surgery according to your request. Please feel free to ask it to the stuffs. 【Treatment flow】 ①Extraction of adipose tissue Adipose tissue is extracted from the abdomen under the local anesthesia. ②Mesenchymal regenerative cells are separated from adipose tissue. ③Culture until the stem cell number becomes the one which is needed. In culture and processing facility, stem cells are separated from the adipose tissue and are amplified to hundred million to hundred twenty million cells under strict management using 4-5 weeks approximately. ④(4-5 weeks later) Stem cells are injected to the skin, or dripped intravenously. Administered time is approximately an hour to an hour and a half min. Periodic examination is required after the administration.
Japanese language/English/Chinese/Korean/Russia/Vietnamese/Mongolian
consultation day
10:00~17:00 Monday to Saturday
day off
Sunday National holiday
duration (days)
About 2 hours at an intial visit、About 1 hour from the second visit on
requirement, condition for apply
Please come to our clinic without having a breakfast on the day of adipose extraction. After coming to the clinic, eating and drinking is not allowed. From the second visit on, no meal restriction on the day of stem cell administration.
precaution, contraindication
Precaution and contraindicated items
①Person who has hypersensitivity against anesthetic agents used at the adipose tissue extraction.
②Person who suffers from malignant cancer or intraepithelial neoplasm (cancer) 
③Person who suffers uncontrollable infection
④Person who may have anaphylaxia against anti-bacterial medicine
⑤Person who takes contraceptive pill
⑥Person who is pregnant or in nursing.
⑦Person who is not allowed to do informed consent by him (her)self.
⑧Person who is out of indication estimated by doctor in charge, and others.
meal condition
cancelation fee
When you cancel the adipose tissue extraction or stem cell intravenous infusion, informing it to us by the day before is mandatory. 50% of the treatment fee for one time is required to pay as a cancel charge when you cancel those procedures on the day. Please understand it.
Please let us know if you have an allergy against drugs.
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