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  • D front clinic
  • 108-0075
  • Tokyo9F, Orix shinagawa building, 2-5-3, Kounan, Minato-ku
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The skin loses elasticity along with aging and it falls down to the lower part as it cannot tolerate the heaviness of subcutaneous fat or gravity. It is called 『sagging』. Without cutting skin with a surgical knife, soluble fiber is injected to command to lift cheek or face line leading to being able to remove the sagging. A support is inserted so that the skin returns to the original position to make your face close to a face of the youth or to have an expecting face line by improving a sagging and a wrinkle in that part. That is a special feature of FACE UP.
皮膚を元の位置に戻すように支えを入れ、その部分のたるみやしわを改善することで若い頃の顔に近づける、または希望のフェイスラインにすることができるのがFACE UPの特徴です。
duration (days)
It differs depending on the number of injection. Approximately 1-2 hous
requirement, condition for apply
Person who has an abnormality in blood coagulation system and is treated for it is not acceptable. You may have temporal swelling (for 2-3 days) or mouth opening limitation (for 10 days) etc. by inserting more than 5 pieces of the support to both sides even it differs individually or depending on the design. We recommend to have rest on the operation day and the next day.
precaution, contraindication
Please refrain from eating right before the procedure.
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