To receive medical care in Japan (medical examinations)

We are the first company that acquired the certification as an Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company (authentication number MEJ-AMTAC-001) in accordance with government guidelines. We offer smooth support from inquiry and application to returning home.

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< JMHC's excellent medical tourism service>

【Three factors that support high quality medical tourism】


  • One medical concierge waits on one patient to offer meticulous service.
  • Concierges who periodically receive education in hospitality attend patients.
  • Proposal for health promoting program (at medical examination)

Security and Safety

  • Test results are translated by doctors who have Chinese medical licenses.
  • Concierges who periodically receive medical education act as interpreters.
  • High quality programs of medical examination are offered by full cooperation from Japanese foremost medical institutions (at medical examination).


  • Multilingual service is offered consistently from application to completion of the examination.
  • Concierges explain precautions and contents of the examination.
  • Various documents from questionnaires to results tables of examination and treatment are provided in many languages.

General flow of medical examination

【We have built a smooth support system which helps patients from inquiry and application to returning home.】

1. Inquiry and Application

Please contact a agency of JMHC or JMHC.


Select the desired medical institution and medical examination program.


  • We have various medical examination programs performed in medical institutions carefully selected from among highly skilled Japanese medical institutions.
  • JMHC's specialized staff and medical institutions fully support your trip for desired medical examination and check-up.

Here is the advantage of JMHC!

We support every customers' demand from Hokkaido to Okinawa, from an individual to a group, and from high-grade to basic courses.

2. Before Departure

We start the support service even before customers' departure to expedite smooth examination in Japan.

  • We send medical questionnaires, which are written in the customer's language and request advance entries of the documents.
  • We have meetings to arrange details with medical institutions that the customers will visit in order to provide secure and reliable medical examination.
  • We prepare welcome kits that describe detailed examination items, schedule, etc., so that customers visit Japan without any fear.
  • Please make payment of the examination fee before your departure. If you applied through JMHC's cooperating agents, make payment by the date and time specified by the agent.

Here is the advantage of JMHC!

We accept credit cards. In China, we also accept yuan. (There may be situations in which we cannot accept them depending on the situation of the cooperating agent or other conditions.)

3. Visit to Japan, medical examination

Customers can get a high quality medical examination without anxiety.

  • JMHC's concierge visit you the day before the medical examination to explain the precautions for it, and accept and answer your questions to eliminate any anxiety.
  • We provide fine service so that customers can have the medical examination without anxiety.
  • We have built smooth flow in case patients are told to receive medical treatment.

Here is the advantage of JMHC!

  • Orientation conducted the day before the medical examination clears patients of anxiety and doubts about the examination.
  • On the day of the examination, a concierge with knowledge and hospitality who received training in accordance with JMHC's regulation attend the patient to support the examination.

4. Sightseeing

Japan, the country of longevity, has many healthy sightseeing spots.

  • We introduce therapies and sightseeing spots that are helpful in promoting the health of customers who want extra information according to their wishes.
  • Please have a look at health promotion facilities certified by Japan Health Tourism Organization (NPO).

Here is the advantage of JMHC!

Customers can obtain sightseeing information through JTB's branches in each country.

5. After Returning Home

In general, we send translated results of the medical examination in one month after customers' returning home.

  • Results of medical examination are sent to the location the customer indicates.
  • For customers who use other language than Chinese, we also send translated examination results as correct and reliable as the Chinese version.

Here is the advantage of JMHC!

  • Examination results are translated by JMHC's consulting doctors who have Chinese medical licenses.