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Chukyo Eye Clinic / Myopia correction surgery ICL (intraocular contact lens)

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  • Medical Corporation Isana-kai Chukyo Eye Clinic
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Chukyo Eye Clinic / Myopia correction surgery ICL (intraocular contact lens)
  • ophthalmology:myopia correction
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The lens is called ICL which corrects myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia by implanting an intraocular lens into the eye. ICL inserts a lens into the eye through a small 3mm incision without shaving the cornea different from LASIK. The feature of ICL is that the lens can be removed when there is a problem.
The surgery is performed by one of only two senior expert instructors in Japan. By using the most advanced examination equipment and taking detailed data, we select the best lens for each patient. We remove any doubts or anxieties about the surgery through attentive, patient-focused counseling.
precaution, contraindication
・When looking at light at night or in the dark, a mild halo or glare (a phenomenon in which light appears long and extended and glaring) may be seen.
・Although very rare, due to infection, healing may be delayed or in severe cases, the eye may be adversely affected. Therefore, it is necessary to apply eye drops as often as prescribed, wear protective eyewear for a certain period of time, and refrain from washing your hair and wearing eye makeup after the surgery.
・In order to remove corneal shape changes and accurately measure power, contact lenses wear must be discontinued for a certain period of time. (Soft lenses: around 10 days Hard lenses: at least 3 weeks)
・In the case with special degrees, such as extremely strong myopia or astigmatism, you may have to wait 3 to 4 months or more for the lenses to arrive.
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