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Mitaka Healthcare Clinic ANK Immune Cell Therapy

implementation facility
  • Mitaka Healthcare Clinic
  • 1810013
  • Tokyo3-38-4, shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
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Mitaka Healthcare Clinic ANK Immune Cell Therapy
  • medical treatment:immunotherapy
program details
Target disease: All cancer patients. Cancer stem cell spreading in the body causes metastasis or recurrence of cancer and only natural killer cell (NK cell) can make a sharpshooting on it. Conventional immune cell therapy using T cell has been popularly used, whose killing power is weak and which does not work when the target cancer cell type does not adjust to the T cell. ANK (Amplified Natural Killer) immune cell therapy where NK cells are expected to have strong killing power has an effect for all cancers including blood cancer. Large amounts of lymphocytes containing NK cells are collected from the patient using a blood component separation apparatus, collected NK cells transfer to the culture center in Kyoto to be cultured and amplified, and in our clinic which is a Central Medical Institution for ANK, ANK cells are administered through intravenous drip infusion to patients. In hospitalization is not required, in other words, this treatment can be performed with outpatient visit. The lymphocyte culture must take for 3 weeks and ANK drip infusion is conducted 2 times a week, so this treatment takes for 6 weeks including 12 times of drip totally. Depends on the necessity, along with the treatment, molecular target drugs (Herceptin or Erbitax) will be administered. Bacically, molecular target drug is taken once a week.
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Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday and Saturday Setting is 2 times a week  
day off
Closing day of our clinic
start/end time
Drip infusion:1 hour Collection of lymphocyte:for about 3 hours Duration of culture:3 weeks Drip infusion:2 times a week, totally 12 times(6 weeks)
precaution, contraindication
Steroid is not permitted to take for fever or pain.
Do not take antiphlogistic analgesic as much as possible.
Calonal: Acetaminophen is permitted to take.
When you take Chinese herb medicine, please contact us before taking it as lots of Chinese herb medicine have an immune suppression effect.
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