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Facial Aging Care CAL 【Premium】+ Super rich stem cell

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  • 231-0006
  • KanagawaYokohama Excellent III 2nd floor, 3-35, Minaminakadouri, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city
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Operation room
Operation room
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Hospital room
Operation room
Operation room
Hospital room
Hospital room
program name
Facial Aging Care CAL 【Premium】+ Super rich stem cell
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program details
CAL is recommended to people who have an aging related problem or a request which shows below. ■ Want to make haggard cheeks rounded ■ To feel eyes haggard along with aging ■ Want to keep tension on the wrinkled back of the hand <Special feature of the aging care using CAL> ・We can deal with your fine request As fat is a tissue with fluidity, it is injected little by little in CAL, which makes your fine request possible. ・Natural finish You can expect the soft, warm, and naturally rounded finish being able to achieve with none but fat as the injected fat in CAL becomes a part of patient’s body after the engraftment. However, it is affected by aging over time same as your body. ・To augment the rate of engraftment by the power of stem cell. The incident that the injected fat has not been absorbed used to be a demerit of fat grafting. We increased the concentration of the stem cells so that the fat is easy to remain with the power of the stem cell. Injected fat in CAL will live as a part of your body once it is engrafted.
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consultation day
Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Friday・Saturday (Available in a holiday) Business hour 10:00-18:00
day off
duration (days)
・Operation: One day ・We ask you to come to the clinic one more day except for the operation dates (Doctor’s medical examination, Informed consent, inspections, etc.)
requirement, condition for apply
The medical treatment in Cell Port Clinic Yokohama is not provided when you have even one condition showing below.
・BMI is less than 18 (BMI=Body weight〔Kg〕÷Height〔m〕÷Height〔m〕
・Medical history of infectious diseases (HIV etc.)
・Medical history of mental diseases
・Under 20 years old
When a doctor decided that performing operation is not correct considering the result of inquiry form, the first examination by a doctor, and preliminary examination or other aspects, the operation and the treatment will be cancelled. Please understand it beforehand.
precaution, contraindication
・Smoking causes the peripheral blood vessels to contract leading to the disturbance of wound healing. Please stop smoking right after the operation is decided to be performed. ・Please stop taking all supplements for one week before and after the operation.
・If you take a contraceptive pill, please stop taking it for 4 weeks before the operation and for 2 weeks after the operation.
・Drinking alcohol causes good blood circulation, which leads to increase the pain or swollen. Please stop drinking alcohol for one week after the operation.
As you leave the clinic putting on the compressing under wear which covers to the ankles when liposuction is performed from the thigh, we recommend you to come wearing long pants or a skirt. ・Please come to the clinic wearing loose-fitting cloths and comfortable shoes such as a sneaker etc.
・We will check drugs beforehand if you take any in daily.

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