Premium course (for men) <Takanawa Hospital>

implementation facility
  • JCHO Tokyo Takanawa Hospital
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program name
Premium course (for men) <Takanawa Hospital>
program details
CT (Heart・Chest・Abdomen), MRI (Brain) and upper endoscopy etc. are combined in this course and it will check whole body including the heart, liver, pancreas, stomach, lung, artery, thyroid, and male genital organs
consultation day
Tuesda,y Thursday, Frieday
day off
Sunday, Monday, Satuday
duration (days)
One day
start/end time
Start at 8:00/Finish at 17:00
requirement, condition for apply
1. Contrast medium is used for Cardiac CT. Person with impairment of kidney function or allergic reaction against contrast medium is not allowed to take this examination.
2.The expense will not be refunded even when some examinations are canceled.
precaution, contraindication
1.Please finish your light meal until 21:00 in the day before the health checkup. Please do not eat and drink after then.
2.Eating and drinking is not allowed in the day before the health checkup. It is required to let us know the information about drugs you take daily for a disease treatment.
3.If you did not inform us the correct information about medical history or treatment situation including drug therapy etc., accurate result of examinations may not be obtained, in addition, there is a case where examinations may not be performed.
4.When Cardiac CT has not been performed, exercise stress electrocardiography may be carried out depends on the condition as a substitute examination.
5.In case of adding colonoscopy as an optional examination, the health checkup will be for 2 days because the date of colonoscopy will be set in another day from the original health checkup. It takes whole day for taking colonoscopy. If a legion such as a polyp is found by colonoscopy and polypectomy is performed, you need to stay in the hospital at least for one night of the treatment day. An additional expense is necessary for it.
meal condition
the services included in the package
[Health checkup program]
[Concierge] ・・・Orientation on the previous day, On the health checkup day, accompanying and interpreting
[Various services in the program ] ・・・Refreshment after the health checkup, Offering goods for relaxation.
[Sending documents in advance]・・・Documents such as Schedule, Examination items, Precaution, Written Informed Consent, Inquiry form etc.
[Results of health checkup] ・・・ It will be send after translation.
cancelation fee
From 8 to 14 days before the intended exam. date 10 % of the payment for the program
From 2 to 7 days before the intended exam. date 50 % of the payment for the program
One day before the intended exam. date (being estimated with business day) 80 % of the payment for the program
The day of exam. or no notice 100 % of the payment for the program
for more details information about this program,
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