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JCHO Tokyo Takanawa Hospital

  • 108-8606 Tokyo3-10-11 Takanawa, Minato-ku
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facility details
Opened in 1951, we are accustomed to serving foreigners and see them in most of the departments other than Pediatrics, Obstetrics / Gynecology and Psychiatry. Gastrointestinal team is highly skilled in pancreas, gall bladder, and liver diseases and would be able to assist from diagnosis to surgery. A dedicated nurse works in our International Assistance Desk and we pride ourselves on providing more smooth and speedy acceptance of foreigners than other hospitals. As our hospital is located in a transport hub surrounded many neighboring hotels, there are not a few foreigners to take health checkup while traveling in Japan.
specialized field
*Gastrointestinal diseases (especially diagnosis, examination, treatment, surgery of pancreas, gall bladder and liver diseases)
*Cardiovascular diseases (diagnosis, examination, catheter treatment etc.)
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【site】The nearest general hospital to Shinagawa station, a transport hub. About 20 minutes from Haneda Airport by train. There are many renowned hotels as well as embassies in the neighborhood. This area is developing with new station and Linear Bullet Train etc, and we expect foreign patients to increase further.
【medical equipment】 CT, MRI, ESWL, cardiac catheter, RI, angiographic device, mammography, bone density, panoramic tomography, various ultrasonic examination devices,
【facility】247 beds in the hospital, 4 beds in central operating room, 6 beds in HCU, 21 outpatient departments, health care center, rehabilitation center, restaurant, parking lot
【others】Interpreter supported languages are English, Chinese and Russian plus 14 other languages supported by interpretation tablet terminals. Our interpreters are readily available and their polite, attentive service has earned many positive feedbacks from our patients. The dedicated nurse in International Assistance Desk is able to respond quickly to serve the various needs of our patients.
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