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Carotid stent placement package (Chiba Nishi General Hospital)

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  • Chiba Nishi General Hospital
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Carotid stent placement package (Chiba Nishi General Hospital)
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[Target disease ]Carotid stenosis [Features]It is said that 10% of the patients with untreated stenosis (narrowing) in the carotid artery caused by serious arteriosclerosis develop cerebral infarction within a year. If a stenosis is found in the carotid artery, treatment is recommended to prevent development or recurrence of cerebral infarction.
We have the largest number of clinical cases of carotid stenosis in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZiLxiYaxr4 [Clinical department]Cardiology [Doctor in charge]Kazuo Misumi, M.D. President, Chief director of Cardiovascular medicine, Graduated from Tokyo Medical University in 1982, Doctor of Medicine California and Hawaii State Licensed Physician (USA), Certified Physician, Specialist in General Internal Medicine, and Advisor to the Japanese Circulation Society, Certified Physician, Specialist and Advisor for the Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics, Fellow of the Japanese Collgege of Chest Physicians, Certified Physician and Advisor to the Japan Geriatrics Society
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In 6 months after the operation, ultrasonography is required to take in your own country or at our institute. By sending the image through e-mail, it is possible to do the post operative follow-up.
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