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facility details
Our clinic has plenty of past treatment results in terms of osteoarthritis with cell transplantation, which is one of the country’s best.
The director of our clinic has dedicated in the research of regenerative medicine for long time since he stayed to in the United State as a researcher and his goal is to achieve the treatment without an operation.
Two leading doctors specialized in regenerative medicine, stuffs having special knowledge, and the state of the art facilities can offer you safe and highly effective regenerative medicine.
specialized field
Regenerative medicine (Osteoarthritis)
sales point
・Located in The Hotel New Otani Osaka 6th floor ※Being able to stay in the hotel with a courtesy (special) price for a customer of our clinic.

・Fat derived stem cell has a various effects such as anti-inflammation, revascularization, or protecting tissue etc. Intra joint injection of stem cells yourself is effective on pain relief or recovery of motor function.

・With its own Cell Processing Center (CPC), the company safely purifies cells using the best cell extraction and culture methods cultivated through 20 years of basic research to provide high quality cells.
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