• health check up

Health checkup course I: Carotid artery+Echocardiography+ABI+CAVI+Brain MRI/MRA (St.Luke’s MediLocus)

implementation facility
  • St.Luke’s International Hospital / MediLocus
Facility Details
program name
Health checkup course I: Carotid artery+Echocardiography+ABI+CAVI+Brain MRI/MRA (St.Luke’s MediLocus)
  • health check up:MRI/MRA
program details
We perform whole body screening including medical checkup for cancer or health checkup for life style related diseases using the most advanced medical apparatus and setting distinguished medical staff.
For MRI/MRA, most advanced 3.0 stela device is used to provide high quality image and we aim to detect high risk of cerebrovascular disease early.
In addition, examinations include CAVI/ABI, echocardiography, and carotid ultrasonography.After finishing examinations, a doctor who sees patients daily shows the proposal to prevent life style related diseases or to progress quality of life while checking your examination results. Report for the results in English will be offed later.We accept your question when you have a question regarding the report of the examination result later.
consultation day
In principle, on Thursday(We need to talk if you want to visit us the other days.)
day off
duration (days)
About 6 hours
start/end time
8:00~15:30(It may change)
requirement, condition for apply
We do not have a special precaution. However, you need to mention us the information about your medical history or medicines which you take in daily in advance.
precaution, contraindication
Please come to our institute with punctuality on the examination day.
It is not available to change the health checkup course or to order additional examinations on the health checkup day.
We do not have place to take care of small children.
meal condition
Light meal is available
the services included in the package
[Medical checkup programs]]
[Concierge service]To have an orientation in the previous day, Personal assistance and interpretation by interpreters versed in the programs.
[Sending documents in advance]Documents such as Schedule table, Examination items, Precaution, Written consent, Inquiry form etc.
[Result of medical checkup]We will send it after interpretation
cancelation fee
From 8 to 14 days before the intended exam. date 10 % of the payment for the program
From 2 to 7 days before the intended exam. date 50 % of the payment for the program
One day before the intended exam. date (being estimated with business day) 80 % of the payment for the program
The day of exam. 100 % of the payment for the program
◇Health checkup will be cancelled when you come to our institute more than one hour later on the examination day.
※Please contact the agency for the details.
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here
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