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Carbon-ion radiotherapy (Kanagawa Cancer Center)

implementation facility
  • Local Incorporated Administrative Agency Prefectural Hospital Organization Kanagawa Cancer Center
  • 241-8515
  • Kanagawa横浜市旭区中尾2-3-2
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program name
Carbon-ion radiotherapy (Kanagawa Cancer Center)
  • medical treatment:radiation (carbon ion radiotherapy)
program details
Carbon-ion therapy originated in Japan is a radiotherapy which uses carbon-ion beam. is the state-of-art technology of particle radiotherapy while photon beam is widely used for conventional radiotherapy. Shorter period of treatment time is available compared with a conventional radiotherapy and the damage of normal tissues can be suppressed low.
※To take carbon-ion radiotherapy in our center, general evaluation by a specialist in our center is required (evaluation for the indication; a separate fee). There may be a case which has not an indication for the therapy decided by specialist evaluation
requirement, condition for apply
Head and neck tumor Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Head and neck tumor Head and neck malignant tumor (except for oral cancer, pharyngolarynx squamous cell carcinoma
Lung cancer Lung cancer stage I
Liver cancer Hepatocellular carcinoma
Pancreas cancer Locally advanced pancreatic cancer
Urinary tumor Localized and locally advanced prostate cancer
Bone and soft tissue tumor Localized bone and soft tissue tumor being difficult to be treated curatively by operation
precaution, contraindication
Application form should be written when the treatment in our center is performed.
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