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Catheter treatment for Locomotorium (for foreigners living abroad) <Okuno>

implementation facility
  • Okuno Clinic. (Hakusan, Roppongi)
  • Tokyo
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program name
Catheter treatment for Locomotorium (for foreigners living abroad) <Okuno>
program details
Refractory joint pains such as a stiff shoulder, painful shoulder, elbow・knee・back pain, or joint pain related to sports etc. may be caused by “Moyamoya blood vessel”, being in the spotlight. Okuno clinic managed by Dr.Yuji Okuno who developed “Locomotorium catheter treatment” as a treatment method for Moyamoya blood vessel, is a special clinic for locomotorium catheter treatment
Locomotorium catheter treatment is a very safe treatment for “Moyamoya blood vessel” which is thought to be the reason for various joint pain where chemical agent is injected through soft catheter of 0.6mm diameter.Note
→Please follow the advice from a doctor or a nurse how to spend your time before and after the treatment. Detail of the program : https://okuno-y-clinic.com/menu
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