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MR-PET Cancer health checkup Simple course (for women and men) (Sagara)

implementation facility
  • Sagara Perth Street Clinic
  • 892-0838
  • KagoshimaSagara Perth Street Clinic, Comprehensive health checkup system Well Life. 7F,26-13, Shinyashikicho, Kagoshima city
Facility Details
program name
MR-PET Cancer health checkup Simple course (for women and men) (Sagara)
  • medical check up:MRI-PET
program details
The new examination apparatus in which MRI and PET are combined performs health checkup with high accuracy in a short time. Examination for wide area with small amount of radiation exposure can be performed and it is useful for breast cancer, prostate cancer etc.The content of this health checkup course is simple, just including MR-PET examination.
consultation day
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (in the before noon・in the after noon)
day off
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays
duration (days)
3.5 hours
requirement, condition for apply
People described as follows may not take this health checkup.
・Being pregnant or being possible to be pregnant
・Having high blood sugar 
・Having claustrophobia or being inserted intrauterine contraceptive device 
precaution, contraindication
Please refrain from exercise in the previous day and the day of the examination. Please keep fasting for 6 hours before the examination. You can drink water before the examination. Please be punctual not to be late for the examination time as you need to take medicine for PET. Person who is installed unremovable metals may not take this examination (Pacemaker, Tattoo, Implant etc.) since MR-PET apparatus uses strong magnetic field. Please be punctual.
meal condition
Available ※Not available when the examination is performed in the after noon
the services included in the package
[Medical checkup programs][Concierge service]To have an orientation in the previous day, Personal assistance and interpretation by interpreters versed in the programs.
[Sending documents in advance]Documents such as Schedule table, Examination items, Precaution, Written consent, Inquiry form etc.[Result of medical checkup]We will send it after interpretation
cancelation fee
From 8 to 21 days before the intended exam. date 20 % of the payment for the program
From 2 to 7 days before the intended exam. date 30 % of the payment for the program
One day before the intended exam. date 50 % of the payment for the program
The day of exam. or no notice 100 % of the payment for the program
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here
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