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Dialysis (Shibagaki Dialysis Clinic, Tokyo)

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  • Shibagaki Dialysis Clinic  Jiyugaoka
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Dialysis (Shibagaki Dialysis Clinic, Tokyo)
  • dialysis:holiday dialysis
program details
Characteristics of dialysis in our clinic
1. Using special clear water
Water is the key for dialysis.
In one single dialysis, our blood will come into contact with about 120 L of dialysate via the dialysis membrane. Contaminants called endotoxins in the dialysate cause arteriosclerosis, dialysis amyloidosis (cause of bone cyst, carpal tunnel syndrome, and trigger finger), and nutritional disorders during long-term dialysis.
Our clinic cleans the water thoroughly (ultra-purification of dialysate) to reduce endotoxins to a level below the detection sensitivity and installs novel dialysis devices that decrease the adverse effects of long-term dialysis under thorough maintenance.
2. Acetate-free dialysis
3. Medical care by specialists/experienced staff
4. Enhanced IT introduction
5. Nocturnal dialysis
6. Cooperation with local core hospital
7. Online HDF
8. Peritoneal dialysis clinic is available
item of research (PDF)
consultation day
Monday to Saturday
day off
duration (days)
About 4 hours
requirement, condition for apply
1) It is necessary to make a booking for dialysis treatment. Application is accepted from 2 months prior to the dialysis day, until 3 weeks before.
2) Please send us "patient information sheet" and "recent blood record (LAB test)".
3) The "patient information sheet" is attached in above at ITEM OF RESEARCH. The password is "shibagaki".
4) Please fill in all and send them to : jmhc_info@j-medical-healthcare.com
5) Please mentioned "dialysis request" on the title of your e-mail.
precaution, contraindication
(i) Erythropoietin preparation and vitamin D associated with dialysis will be billed separately.
(ii) Our clinic only uses heparin and does not use low-molecular heparin or futhan etc.
meal condition
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here