Okinawa Ryukyu Koju dock ~ comprehensive checkup for lifestyle-related disease, brain, bone, and mind ~(Okinawa Rehabilitation Center Hospital)

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Okinawa Ryukyu Koju dock ~ comprehensive checkup for lifestyle-related disease, brain, bone, and mind ~(Okinawa Rehabilitation Center Hospital)
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Cerebral stroke (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage) and lifestyle-related diseases that trigger cerebral stroke, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia, will be checked. This course is also aimed at early detection of dementia and depression. Bones and joints will also be evaluated so that checkup recipients can stay active with strong bones for all time.This is an original comprehensive course of Okinawa Rehabilitation Center Hospital, which is working for "healthy brain, mind, and bones for all time," for all people from the young to the elderly
consultation day
Friday In the after noon
duration (days)
4 hours
start/end time
requirement, condition for apply
[If you are taking medicine]
¨ If you are currently under any medical treatment, please consult your doctor before checkup because you should not discontinue the drug(s) you are taking. If you are taking your drug(s) orally, take it (them) with a small amount of water by 7:00 in the morning on the day of checkup.
¨ If you are under oral diabetic therapy or insulin injection, ask your doctor for specific instructions. Please let us know before checkup that you are under therapy.

[Devices contraindicated for MRI test]
¨Cardiac pacemaker, cochlear implant, internal defibrillator, bone growth stimulator, pressure-adjustable shunt, artificial eye, ferromagnetic instrument (implant)

[For women]
¨ Please let us know before checkup if you are pregnant or think that you are pregnant.
precaution, contraindication
Regarding meals etc. ●Please refrain from fatty dishes or dishes using oil (fried or deep-fried dishes etc.) in the previous dinner and in the breakfast of the examination day. ●Please refrain from sitting up till late or drinking too much alcohol. ●Please finish breakfast until 8:00 AM. Fasting is mandatory thereafter. However, it is allowed to drink water and tea.
the services included in the package
Medical checkup programs. Okinawa Ryukyu・Kojyu Dock-Comprehensive health checkup for Life style related diseases, Brain, Bone, Heart diseases-

Concierge service.
(Personal assistance and interpretation by interpreters versed in the programs.
Includes orientation.)

In Program hospitality.
(Refreshments after examination , relaxation products.)

Delivery of the welcome kit(necessary documents for the programs).

Translation and mailing service for medical checkup results.
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