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International Brain Health Checkup Course (Ohmi Kusatu Tokusyukai Hospital)

implementation facility
  • Oumi Kusatsu Tokushukai Hospital
Facility Details
program name
International Brain Health Checkup Course (Ohmi Kusatu Tokusyukai Hospital)
program details
Life style related diseases, major cancers and brain tumor and brain vessels such as brain aneurysm are comprehensively checked.
consultation day
From Monday to Saturday
day off
Sunday・National holiday
duration (days)
Half day
start/end time
precaution, contraindication
[Regarding meals on the day prior to the medical examination]
① Please finish eating and take any internal use medicine by 9 pm.
② Please avoid high fat foods, foods that are difficult to digest, and alcohol.
③ Please refrain from eating or drinking after 9 pm. * Only water or tea may be consumed, in small amounts.
[The day of the medical examination]
① Please adhere strictly to fasting and refraining from smoking on the day of the examination. (Consuming liquids in small amounts is no problem.)
② Please do not take medicines for stomach and diabetes and Chinese medicine in the morning of the examination day. It is for gastrointestinal examinations. Other medicines which you need to take (for blood pressure, heart disease etc.) can be taken under the consultation with your doctor in charge.
④ If you are in your period on the examination day, we ask you to come to our institute again for taking urine examination (within a week) as blood occult in urine is not evaluated correctly.
meal condition
the services included in the package
Complete multi-language service being different from the one for Japanese, complete individual correspondence that focused on privacy, and service including international after follow-up are provided.
[Health checkup programs]
[Concierge]The previous day : Interpretation at pre-meeting for checkup schedule, checkup details and matters to be attended On the day of examinations: Personal assistance and interpretation by interpreters in the medical institute.
[Services during medical checkup]Relaxation goods and refreshment after examinations.
[Delivering documents in advance]Documents such as time schedule, checkup details, medical questionnaire, informed consent and any other necessary important notice etc.
[Result of medical checkup]Translating and mailing checkup result reports.
cancelation fee
0 days-8 days before the scheduled checkup 20% of the program price
7 days-3 days before the scheduled checkup  30% of the program price
2 days-1 day before the scheduled checkup   50% of the program price
Same day/No-show       100% of the program price
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