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Executive Program 「Comprehensive cancer screening and Brain Dock」(LSI Sapporo Clinic)

implementation facility
  • LSI Sapporo Clinic
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program name
Executive Program 「Comprehensive cancer screening and Brain Dock」(LSI Sapporo Clinic)
  • health check up:PET-CT
program details
PET, CT/MRI (laminography, ultrasound), blood tests in
comprehensive screening for the early detection of cancer
and the evaluation of lifestyle-related diseases.
Leading-edge MRI technology for most precise brain
scanning and diagnostics
consultation day
day off
Year-end and New Year holidays ※Need to confirm
duration (days)
About 5 hours and half (Starting/Finishing time) Available time for the reservation is after 8:40, Time schedule is checked each time.
requirement, condition for apply
◇When blood sugar value is high, PET may not be performed. When blood sugar value is more than 150 and less than 200, PET can be performed, however the image may be disturbed. When it is more than 200, PET is not before performed. ◇Taking medicine Please do not take hypoglycemic drug on the examination day. There is no restriction after finishing the examination. ◇During pregnancy Exposure dose of PET/CT is approximately 7-15mSv. It is a dose which has no health problems, however the influence on an unborn baby or infants has not been clear yet. As we have a principle that exposure dose is tried to reduce as much as possible in our clinic, principally, we do not accept pregnant women or youth to take examinations with radiation in health checkup course. ◇During the lactation period Please take the examination other than the lactation period. If you dare to take it, you need to stop lactating for 24 hours after the injection, and refrain from cloth contact with infants for 12 hours after the injection. ◇Metals in the body PET/CT may not be performed when you have a metal in your body.
precaution, contraindication
◇Meal restriction Please refrain from taking a meal including candy or chewing gum 6 hours before the reception time ◇Water restriction You can only drink water or tee without sugar 6 hours before the reception time.
meal condition
We prepare a lunch box (Japanese foods) to take during time from the end of the examination to starting the result explanation.
the services included in the package
Cosmetic and medical checkup programs.
Concierge service.
(Personal assistance and interpretation by interpreters versed in the programs.
Includes orientation.)
In Program hospitality.
(Refreshments after examination , relaxation products.)
Delivery of the welcome kit(necessary documents for the programs).

Translation and mailing service for medical checkup results.
cancelation fee
From 8 to 20 days before the intended exam. date 20 % of the payment for the program
From 2 to 7 days before the intended exam. date 30 % of the payment for the program
One day before the intended exam. date 50 % of the payment for the program
The day of exam. or no notice 100 % of the payment for the program
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here