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Medical Corporation Keishun-kai Muscle and Beauty Clinic

  • 106-0045 Tokyo5F Belle Foret Azabu, 2-3-12 Azabujuban, Minato-ku
  • medical treatment:stem cell therapy
  • cosmetic:skin care
facility details
Providing health support for changing lifestyles at a clinic that is always on the leading edge.
While treating patients with chronic diseases, mainly lifestyle-related diseases, as a general internist, we felt the importance of preventive medicine to prevent diseases before they occur, and established the Muscle and Beauty Clinic. We believe that the source of health is a healthy body, and we are here to accompany you in your days full of energy and vitality.
With regenerative medicine as a medical treatment to turn back time, we provide the best medical treatment for each individual according to the needs of each patient, such as support for beauty that can only be achieved through medical treatment and the fastest and shortest weight loss etc.
specialized field
Regenerative medicine General internal medicine Internal medicine
Obesity treatment Weight-loss treatment Cosmetic medicine
Cosmetic internal medicine Cosmetic dermatology
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sales point
"Clinic in the right in the middle of the city, where you can feel Tokyo.
Easy access to Azabu-juban station on Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line and Toei Oedo Line, 2 minutes walk from the station. "

【Medical instruments】
Blood collection Automatic blood pressure monitor Electrocardiogram

【Facilities in the clinic】 EM SCULPT, VANQUISH, Depilator(DePILIGHT),
art make-up, training space, IV room, treatment room, counseling room, shower room."
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