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Cancer treatment that supports "how to live"
At Takara Clinic, we propose treatment methods that match the patient's medical condition. It can also be used by those who are undergoing anticancer drug treatment at other medical institutions.
We support cancer patients who wish to continue working and living a normal life while coexisting with cancer so that they can live as long as possible with a high quality of life and live in their own way.
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Oncology, Internal Medicine, Surgery,Respiratory Medicine, Allergy
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30 minutes from Haneda airport by public transportation. It is located in Gotanda Station, JR yamanote line, 3minutes walk from east exit near Mitsui Garden hotel

Low-dose radiation hormesis device Microwave therapy. BMW therapy (Bilateral Micro-Wave) device

Adapting a natural substance activation method, the entire clinic is negatively ionized to create an oasis in the busy city. In addition, we are working on preventing hospital-acquired infections by ionizing and inactivating viruses.

It can be used in combination with multidisciplinary therapy. It is especially compatible with radiation. IMF therapy can be injected at home by yourself.
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