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Akihabara Kidney Clinic (Yayoi-kai)

  • 101-0021 Tokyo2F, Asakaze 2-gokan bulding, 1-16-9, Sotokannda, Chiyoda-ku
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facility details
Medical Corporation Yayoi-kai, managing 9 clinics in Tokyo, would like to perform hearty hemodialysis for everyone’s health and smile. Kitasenjyu kidney clinic, Ayase eki-mae kidney clinic, Adachigotannno kidney clinic, Adachi kouhoku medical clinic, Adachi iriya syajin clinic, Tateishi kidney clinic, Akihabara kidney clinic, Monnaka kidney clinic, Toyosu hemodialysis clinic  
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【Location】1 min on foot from Denkigai exit in Akihabara station of JR line
3 min on foot from Exit 3 in Akihabara station of Tokyo metro Hibiya line
3 min on foot from Exit 1 in Akihabara station of Ttukuba express

【Medical instruments】
Electrocardiogram, Ultrasonography, Blood gas analyzer, Osmometer, electrolyte measuring device

【Facility in the clinic】
Free Wi-Fi is available
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