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Tokyo International Clinic

  • 100-6209 TokyoPacific century place Marunouchi 9F, Marunouchi 1-11-1, Chiyoda-ku
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  • medical check up:MRI/MRA、gastroscope、colon 3D
facility details
This clinic locates 3 min on foot from the south exit of Tokyo station. We provide satisfying medical service to people as many as possible so that this service may help them to be able to spend healthy and active life. We believe that there is a door for the future there. Three special things of Tokyo International Clinic are as follows; 1. We do not miss to find the sign of general bad condition approached both medically and dentally. 2. Examination which has the same quality as the one in university hospital is performed using the most advanced and a high-performance device. 3. Leading doctors in a medical society and experienced staffs provide a service.
sales point
【Location】3 min from Yaesu south gate of Tokyo station
【Medical instruments】CT,MRI,Colon CT(3D)、MCG(Examination for myocardial ischemia)etc.
【Facilities in the clinic】Executive counseling room can be used for people who take super premium or executive health checkup.
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