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NCGM (Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and medicine)

  • 162-8655 Tokyo1-21-1 Toyama Shinjuku-ku
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facility details
The NGCM has been striving to provide quality medical care as an acute care hospital by serving as a foundation for comprehensive medical care. International infectious disease measures and travel clinic, diabetes consultation, AIDS treatment, emergency medicine – these are special features of the NGCM and we have a well- established system that allows our specialists and staffs to collaborate beyond their clinical divisions. We provide a surgical operation for patients with multiple complications or elderly patients, a management for complicated medical diseases, general medicine for diseases of unknown cause, a medical examination for mental disease patients with multiple physical complications, a management for perinatal mother and child, and infertility treatment etc., in addition, a department of clinical genome medical care provides patients a genetic counseling. We perform an advanced medical care based on general medical treatment system and we handle wide range of diseases.
specialized field
Complete departments of medical treatment being able to handle various kinds of diseases
Perfect collaborate system between the departments of medical treatment
Medical treatment and research for HIV in Aids Clinical Center
Promotion for seeing foreign patients in an international medical department
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【Location】National Center for Global Health and Medicine is located on the top of small hill next to Waseda, being a slightly separated place from commercialized Shinjyuku. Four The view from the center opens our in every direction and symbol tower in Tokyo or beautiful night scene can be seen from a private room in the center on 16th floor.
【Installed examination and treatment devises】
Helical-CT(64 slice, 128 slice, 320 slice), MRI, PET-CT, Linac、Real-Time Position Management(VARIAN RPM-System)
RTPs, 3D-Water Phantom, Da Vinci etc.
Helical-CT(64 slice, 128 slice, 320 slice), MRI, and PET-CT are used in health checkup institute.
【Facilities in the center】
Wi-Fi is available in a private room on 16th floor and tablet for foreign languages transtation (English, Chinese) is installed in every rooms.
Variety of optional examinations are prepared so that you can choose them according to your
Life style habit or family history etc.
Women doctor and technician perform gynecological examination.
A private room on the top floor (16th floor) is offered for overnight stay health checkup.
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