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Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital

  • 607-8062 Kyoto2 Chinjicho, Otowa, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi
Exterior of Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital
Exterior of Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital
Exterior of Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital
Exterior of Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital
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Rakuwakai Healthcare System currently owns a total of about 180 institutes in the areas of medical care, elderly care, health/nursing, and education/research. Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital, among others, is the first private hospital designated an emergency medical care center and accepts emergency patients 24 hours every day on the frontlines of acute phase medical care. We provide treatment with highly advanced medical techniques using a network of university hospitals and regional medical institutes. As an oncology hub, we provide total cancer care from early detection to treatment and palliative care.
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Cancer screening
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Acquired the Certification of Hospital function evaluation in 2000
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【Location】Our hospital locates in the east of Kyoto city, to get off Yamashina station next to Kyoto station of JR. When you come by car, our location is convenient as it is just close to Kyoto east exit on Meishin highway. You can take health checkup in calm place separated from the city noisiness. 【Content of treatment】Other than cancer checkup mainly using PET-CT, brain checkup is performed by the most advanced MR apparatus. 【Using apparatus】The most advanced apparatus such as PET-CT or 3.0T-MRI etc. is used. 【Staff】Staffs with advanced medical technique perform examinations. 【Facility and others】Health checkup is performed at exclusive floor from the beginning to the end. 【Note】Lecture with various type of workers, educational training with a special doctor ,“Doctor of Major league”, from the USA, training for improve one’s skill is held at any time.
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