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Tokushukai Shonan-Atsugi Hospital

  • 243-8551 Kanagawa118-1 Nurumizu, Atsugi-shi
facility details
Shonan Atsugi Hospital has seven floors above ground and one below with a total of 253 beds.The hospital mainly treats patients in the acute phase of illness. The hospital is equipped with a modern PET-CT system.

Our screening (Human Dock, a complete medical examination) utilizes the function of PET-CT, making it possible to find cancer at its early stage. Furthermore, we also have brain dock using MRI, cardiopulmonary dock using 64 multi-slice CT, and colon dock using colonoscopy.

The hospital is very conveniently located—a twenty-minute drive on the expressway from Tokyo and 40 minutes from Haneda Airport.
specialized field
Cancer workup
Cerebrovascular disorders
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