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Koto Medical Tower AM/AF (basic course/men・women)

implementation facility
  • Koto Medical Tower  Koto Health Checkup Clinic
  • 1360071
  • Tokyo6-41-10, Kameido, Koto-ku
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program name
Koto Medical Tower AM/AF (basic course/men・women)
program details
Blood (including sexology), urine and stool tests. Respiratory (X-ray, etc.), cardiovascular (electrocardiogram, etc.), digestive organs (gastroscopy), upper abdominal ultrasound, audition, ophthalmology, bone examination (bone mineral quantity), lung examination (multi-slice CT, sputum cytology) are included. Women include gynecological examinations such as mammography.
You can take a "colon examination" and "thyroid examination" as an option.
After the health checkup, you will receive a meal at the restaurant and treatment to relax both physically and mentally.
Japanese language/English/Chinese/Russia
duration (days)
3.5 hours
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