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Hair transplantation using your own hair operated by hand “Hair Strong (HS method) hair transplantation

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  • Ginza HS Clinic
  • 104-0061
  • TokyoJEWEL BOX GINZA 5, 8-9-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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Hair transplantation using your own hair operated by hand “Hair Strong (HS method) hair transplantation
  • medical treatment:AGA ・Thining hair treatment
program details
Dr. Yagyu performs all hair transplantation by handwork considering the symptoms and the peculiarity or direction of growing hair based on the achievements of treatments and researches for 20 years. The cutting rate when the hair is pull appears technical difference easily and is directly related to the fixation ratio. Dr. Yagyu who has the world’s top level of technique completes the plantation beautifully and naturally leaded by low cutting rate and high fixation ratio. We propose this treatment as a fundamental solution for thinning hair.
【Flow of hair transplantetion】 STEP 1 Designing the transplantation area (Dr. Yagyu decides the design for the transplantation area based on your request.) STEP 2 To cut the hair shortly at the donor site to augment the fixation ratio by increasing the collecting speed of transplanted hair. STEP 3 To receive the transplanted graft (the suitable hair for transplantation which becomes donor is picked up visually by Dr. Yagyu. To remove hair follicle by punch craft of 0.8mm without using a surgical knife. ※The procedure performed by Dr. Yagyu has a good reputation because the wound is small and the surgical scar is totally inconspicuous.) STEP 4 To create slit (pore) (Delicate holes (the area being received the hair transplant) are created carefully not to break the existing hair.) STEP 5 To transplant the transplanted hair (the transplanted hair is kindly transplanted by special device without using tweezers. To reduce the damage as much as possible. Distinguished transplantation technique performed by Dr. Yagyu implements hair transplantation with high fixation ratio.)
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consultation day
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
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Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday
duration (days)
6 hours
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From before noon to the evening
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1. When it is short hair after the operation, the scar at the donor harvested site becomes easy to be seen. So, it is necessary to grow hair being more than 5-6cm longer at the top of the both ear and back head. 2. Please refrain from smoking for 2 weeks before the operation because cigarette has vasoconstrictor action and it causes to decrease blood flow, which has a bad effect for fixation of transplanted unit. 3. Please refrain from hair dye, hair coloring, or having a perm for 1 month after the transplantation. 4. It is required for people who take a medicine regularly to treat diseases to get consultation with a doctor in our clinic ahead of the operation. 5. You need to mention us when you have allergy against drugs or anti biotics in advance.
precaution, contraindication
【Hair transplantation using your own hair・Precaution on the operation day】 1.It is necessary for a person who takes an operation from before noon to take breakfast or early lunch as usual and for a person who takes an operation in the afternoon to take lunch and come to our clinic. 2. Please refrain from using hairdressing agent in the morning of the operation day. 3. Please come to our clinic putting on the shirt which fastens in front. We don’t recommend you to wear the cloths (a T-shirt or sweater) of the round neck to take from a head. 4. Please bring your grasses as you need to take off a contact lens (either of soft and hard contact lens) during the operation. 5. An anesthetic before the operation may have a pain sometime. 6. Please bring loose cap with you (fleece cap, knit cap, or bandanna etc.) ※We have the preparation for knit cap and bandanna. ※Baseball cap is not recommended because it burdens the transplanted site and the bandage is seen with it. 7. When you use a hairpiece, please bring it with you. 8. As the effect of sedative may remain, it is required not to drive a car when you leave from the clinic. It is permitted to drive the next day. 9. We would appreciate you contacting us when you are late for reserved time. 10. You can watch DVD during the transplantation. If there is favorite DVD, please bring it. 【Hair transplantation using your own hair・Precaution after the operation】✤On the day of transplantation – the 3rd day after the operation (the next day of the operation is considered as the 1st day of the operation) It is the most sensitive period to augment the fixation ratio. Please pay full attention not to have the structure or position which burdens on the transplanted site, not to hit your head against something, or not to scrub your head. Never wash your hair on the day of the operation. You can take a bath putting the neck and the body in the water, however, please refrain from taking bath for long time or with hot water. Since transplanted unit is easy to fall out when the scalp is wet, please dry the scalp well with a dryer using cold air. Please do not drink excessive amount of alcohol for 3-4 days after the transplantation and do not smoke for 3 weeks after the transplantation. Please do not do hard exercise for the rest of the transplanted site. ※You have no problem to do daily life or office work.
* Transplanted graft may fall out before the graft fixes if transplanted part is rubbed with a pillow. Please do not use a soft pillow or a feather pillow which may touch the transplanted site for 1 week after the operation. The safest way is to sleep on your back using a hard pillow such as a folding bath towel etc. If the transplanted site is the top of the head, please sleep using a neck pillow which put on your neck. In case that you do not have a neck pillow, please sleep putting a rolled bath towel on your neck. * For 3 days after the operation, it is good to prevent swelling of eyelids and the face that you take longer time to lie down night and day or lie down making a pillow a little high. * In case you use a hairpiece, you can use it from after 4th day if the metal or the tape to attach does not touch transplanted part. * When you put on a helmet, if you wrap your head with a bandana or a towel, you can use it from after on the 4th day. ✤From the 4th day to 13th day No problem to ride a bicycle or do light exercise such as a walking from the 4th day after the transplantation. From the 7th day after the transplantation, almost all the exercises such as a golf etc. have no problem to do. Please pay attention not to hit or scrub the scalp strongly against something. ✤From after the 14th day In this term, there is no restriction in daily life. You can plan hard sports, however, action of scrubbing the scalp strongly such as heading in soccer should be refrained for 1 month. It is possible to Have a perm or hair dyeing from one month later after the transplanted operation. For a while, you have several restrictions, however, please kindly cooperate with these matters. 【Hair transplantation using your own hair・How to wash your hair after the operation】 ✤Moistening wash (from 2 days later to the 6th day) Fixation of transplanted unit takes 4-5 days. This period is the most sensitive time to augment the fixation ratio. Until 1 week later, you shampoo not to scrub the transplanted part. Please start moistening wash with lukewarm water (35℃ー37℃, same as body temperature) from the night of 2 days later in order to prevent infection. How to do the moistening wash by just pouring tepid water (either of 3 methods) *To wet hair using mist like spray or weak shower, or to wet with lukewarm water using cup. Using lukewarm water is enough. Since thick shampoo liquid is hard to wash out, putting weak shampoo liquid and then pouring it with lukewarm water is good enough. No concern to wash the part other than the transplanted area with regular shampoo. Please shampoo the posterior donor area gently by hand and wash out the dirt by shower. * Please put very small amount of antibiotic ointment widely and thinly each time. * This ointment should be washed out well while shampooing. When you dry your hair, to dry naturally or using dryer with cold air is the safe way instead of wiping wetness by towel. When you dry your hair with warm air, please keep more than 20-30cm distance from the head. When you brush your hair, do not scrub the scalp and brush only hair gently. ✤Rubbing wash (from the 7th day the 13th day) It is all right to touch the transplanted part. Please shampoo rubbing gently like removing scabs. *After the moisten well using shower, rub by a ball of a finger softly like drawing small ring. Do not remove scabs forcibly. Please remove it slowly taking 4-5 days. You do not worry if you see the hair in the scabs, as the hair root tissue of transplanted unit has already fixed in this period. ✤Rubbing wash (from the 7th day the 13th day) It is all right to touch the transplanted part. Please shampoo rubbing gently like removing scabs. *After the moisten well using shower, rub by a ball of a finger softly like drawing small ring. Do not remove scabs forcibly. Please remove it slowly taking 4-5 days. You do not worry if you see the hair in the scabs, as the hair root tissue of transplanted unit has already fixed in this period. Wash the donor area cleanly. You can use a hairdressing (mousse, gel etc.) from the 7th day after the transplantation. Please refrain from an irritative hairdressing for 1 month. From the 14th day after the transplantation, which means 2 weeks has passed, you can shampoo same as before the transplantation. Please shampoo every day to prevent infection. 【Symptoms and side effects seen after hair transplantation using your own hair】There are unavoidable symptoms to occur when you receive the transplantation operation using your own hair such as scabs of transplanted unit or wound scar of donor area etc. In addition, even though hair transplantation using your own hair is a safe and effective treatment method, the incidence rate or the severity of post- operative side effect differs from person, age, physical constitution, and medical history, and it depends on the transplanted area or the number of operations, as well. Please read precaution regarding symptoms and side effects described below and accept the operation after enough understanding of these matters. If you have anything not to understand well, please feel free to contact us and ask us any question. ◆Symptoms and side effects seen right after the operation◆ 〈Pain〉Pain from donor harvesting area is very light. 〈Bleeding〉Bleeding from the wound which is made by graft resecting will naturally stop. Small amount of bleeding from donor harvesting area may be observed sometimes for several days after the operation, but it will stop naturally. A bandage which press whole donor area gently is wrapped in headband shape for 24 hours after the operation and it can be removed after noon of the next day.
◎〈Scabs and Redness at transplanted area〉Transplanted unit get dry and scabs are produced on the next day of the operation. Scabs are conspicuous for about 10 days after the operation. When you see people, it’d better to hide the transplanted part in some way. Putting cap or hat can hide the scabs. Some people can hide them with the hair style with existing hair. You can make it non-noticeable by putting keratin powder from after the 3rd day. You do not worry if you see that transplanted hair adheres to the fell out scabs. Hair root tissue in which transplanted hair grows has already fixed on the transplanted area. A little amount of redness may remain on the scalp from which scabs fell out, however, the redness will disappear naturally sometime. 〈Nausea〉Someone may feel light nausea or headache due to medicines using during the operation. It will get over naturally the next day. It rarely happens to require treatment. ◆Symptoms and side effects seen in several days after the operation◆ ◎〈Swelling on forehead or eyelids〉You may see swelling or livid bruises around the forehead or eyelids. The reason why it is caused is that anesthetic medicine liquid becomes to hang down by gravity. You do not have pain and maximum symptom occurs on the 4-5th after the operation. It is absorbed about 1 week later naturally and your face appearance becomes the one same as before. Avoiding face-down posture, and staying to face upwards for long time as much as possible for 2-3 days after the operation, this symptom can be prevented partially as anesthetic liquid falls behind. Cooling down swelling part may be effective. After removing the bandage winded above the eyebrow on the next day of the operation, it is good to massage the forehead above the eyebrows by hand from the center to the outside, which do not make the eyelids swelling as this massage disperses liquid under the skin to the outside. Please try it since this lymph-massage is relatively effective. The degree of swelling on the face or eyelids differs greatly among individual and it is hard to predict it beforehand. In addition, even in the same person, the progress differs each time in multiple times operation. In the worst case, eyelids may swell so that eyes do not open out, however, you must not concern yourself and just wait as the swollen goes down in about 1 week and your face returns to the original one absolutely. 〈Itching〉The sense of the scalp is dull and usually you do not feel itch. In case of feeling itch at a transplanted part, it is fine to take a commercial anti-itch medicine. You may lighten the itch by cooling the scalp or shampooing. 〈Hiccup〉Hiccup rarely occurs on the 1st or 2nd day after the operation. It will stop naturally, however there is a case in which hiccup continues for several days. When this symptom continues for long time, it may be treated by an internal medicine. Please contact us in that case. ◆Symptoms and side effects seen from several weeks to several months after the operation◆ ◎〈Temporary fall hair of existing hair after the operation〉It may occur that fall hair increases in part of existing hair (approximately 10-15%) at transplanted site and its surroundings in 1-4 months after the operation. It is called “Shock loss” and the specific reason has not been known. It occurs more in women. It is rarely seen in men. The hair may look thinner than before the transplantation. This is temporary fall hair due to the operation and as fair roots remain, this condition recovers in 6 to 12 months after the operation. In addition, as transplanted hair all comes out one year later, Hair becomes thicker than before the operation. Being patient for about 6 month until then. Using keratin powder to the area where you are concerned about thin hair, or trying thin hair to become inconspicuous by changing the part of the hair is useful. ◎〈Pustula〉Hair transplantation using your own hair produces new pore and it sometimes suppurates in order that bacteria enter in the pore. A few red eruptions like an acne in transplanted area seen in several to 6 months after the operation is diagnosed as folliculitis caused by suppuration. For the small one, pressing the content out by nail and pasting antibiotic ointment, it will get over. It sometimes becomes severe folliculitis (about 5-8mm in size), even though, it recovers by squeezing the pus out by needle. Please go to a hospital or a clinic to press the pus out or contact us when it is hard for you to handle it. Folliculitis occurs in donor site in 1 month after the operation causing the running of the red pus. It will heal in about 6 months naturally. You need to contact us because treatment by anti-biotics is effective when it prolongs. 〈Infection〉 Infection rarely occurs if you shampoo every day to keep the scalp clean. The mild infection sometimes occurs in the surface of the scalp. However, it heals with a cream or oral drug of anti-biotics in several days. Suppuration becomes so serious that surgical treatment for donor site or transplanted part may be required in some cases. 〈Paralysis〉Numbness or strange feeling like putting on a helmet may remain at post-transplanted forehead for from several days to several months caused by the influence of local anesthesia. It disappears naturally 6 month later and you do not have strange feeling. 〈Kink in the hair〉Transplanted hair when it stars to grow in 5-8 months after the operation may contain kinky hair such as crimpy or curly hair. Time passes and a kink in the hair becomes weak and in about 1-2 year, the hair quality becomes the same as the one in the donor harvested part. You can have straight perm when the kink is too strong. ◎ ◆ Scar of the donor harvested site ◆ The site where donor is harvested loses hair roots, so the hair does not grow there. Even if minimum size of punch is used for harvesting, in donor harvested site, the circle scar of about 1mm leaves in the same number as being punched out for harvesting. The scar becomes inconspicuous in 3-4 days after the operation. As a donor is punched out little by little in the wide area scattering, the scar being occurred by punching out the donor is not conspicuous to hide with the surrounding hair. When the hair grows till 1cm, the scar is not seen. ◎ ◆Progression of thin hair in future◆ Hair transplantation using your own hair is not the operation which stops the progression of thin hair. The newly transplanted hair keeps growing in all your life. However, the progress of thin hair occurs in the existing hair. In addition, there is a limitation to the number of the donor which can be used for hair transplantation using your own hair. When it is the case of thin hair in the wide area, the amount of the donor which gives back the original hair dense can not be harvested. To use limited amount of donor effectively, it is important to protect the existing hair. The progress of the thin hair can’t be stopped, but you can delay the speed of it. That is the role of hair growth agent. Preventing the thin hair of the existing hair, to maintain the existing hair, please keep doing the therapy with hair growth agent. To maintain the existing hair by the therapy with hair growth agent and to increase hair by hair transplantation using your own hair for the area where the hair gets thin is a good combination of the effective therapy. Protecting the existing hair with hair growth agent and covering the area where you care the thin hair with the needed amount of hair using hair transplantation with your own hair, you can enjoy the expecting amount and density of the hair for a long time. In addition, not to become unnaturally finished, it is important to decide the plan carefully regarding the height of fringes of the hair, design of the transplanted area, the dense of the transplantation, and the distribution of transplanted unit etc. ◆Other complications and accidental symptoms◆ It has been rarely reported the fixation failure in the case of hair transplantation using your own hair and the reason has been unclear yet. Poor blood circulation caused by heavy smoking or diabetes etc. is presumed to be a possibility of the reason for it. However, medical details are still unknown. When surgical operation is performed, complications or accidental symptoms which is not usually seen occur in rare cases. In any medical facilities, the possibility of these occurrence will not be made into zero. In mild case, rash against anti-biotics or by allergy, and in severe case, anaphylaxis shock caused by anesthetic drug may occurs. We have responsible to handle these occurrences of complications or accidental symptoms during or after the operation. We would like you to have understanding in regards to the possibility of complications or accidental symptoms caused by the operation when you receive this treatment.
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