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Full order course (My Breast)

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  • Natural Breast
  • 812-0018
  • FukuokaFukuoka Art Center 507, 3-1-18, Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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Full order course (My Breast)
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program details
【Advanced technology of natural breast】
We photograph customer’s breast with 3D technology to design the model by original technique.
After making the model, a artiticial breasts is produced by hand and one by one.
At last we will color it while putting it on customer’s breast.
The process in which a color does not lose will be ultimately performed.

・Using an adhesive agent Gel-fit (silicone), a glue is not necessary for daily use.
・The Material is a medically graded silicone with high safety. Pigments are used only for coloring. 
・This product has an indication for a part of the patients who took a breast-sparing surgery.
・It can be used at the time of hot spring bathing if you use a special equipment material.
・The life of a artiticial breasts is largely different depends on the using way, the frequency of use, or the care method.
It will last approximately for 3 years if you use it every day but carefully.
duration (days)
It is required coming to our shop once in your first visit to Japan and twice in your second visit.
requirement, condition for apply
・You will not purchase this merchandise before the surgery. Please apply after the surgery when the wound has been healed. We ask you to fit the product while seeing the condition of surgical wound and let you buy it.
・Customers during radiation therapy can not try this on in the manner of closely sticking to the skin. The keratinized skin may adhere to artiticial breasts or a body marking for radiation therapy may cause color transfer, so we will estimate your breast size to try theartiticial breasts on lining cellophane film in its backside. In addition, to confirm adhesive power, we ask you to put the artiticial breasts on other places such as arms or abdomen where radiation therapy was not performed.
When the silicone does not fit to your skin, for example, inflammation occurs on your breasts when you perform patch test or you put artiticial breasts on your breasts etc, you ‘d better stop the purchase or the use of the product.
We will choose the mammary prostheses of the standard type (its inside is filled with silicone) or a balloon type (its inside is filled with air) depends on your breasts size etc.
precaution, contraindication
<Instructions for use>
①This merchandise is not expected to use at high altitudes, in high temperature (more than 50℃) (in tropical regions, sauna etc.), and in high pressure (for diving etc.). The manufacturer will not guarantee the product when it is damaged by use in the condition shown above etc. This product is produced in an aim of around 3 year usage.
②This product is manufactured for the use of about three-year period.
③When you are during radiation therapy which may cause sunburn state, its adhesive power will be lost as lots of skin keratin stick on the backside of the artiticial breasts. In general, a mammary prosthesis is available to use half year after the radiation therapy has ended.
④A artiticial breasts may not fit to you when your body shape changes a lot by loosing or gaining body weight largely etc.
⑤「Equipment material 」and 「liquid remover 」are required to purchase in case of using it naked such as bathing in hot spring etc.

<Instructions from the manufacturer>
①This merchandise is very sensitive. Damage or decrease of adhesive power will occur if you handle it in a vicious manner or you do not fix or remove it carefully.
②Even after the termination of the counseling, depends on the postoperative condition of the applicant, we may decline the request or decide the usage while seeing the postoperative progress.

<About payment and cancellation>
①This program is all managed by advanced payment system. The application will be canceled when the payment is not confirmed until the designated day.
②Please pay attention that we will not produce the merchandise until the payment for additional expense is confirmed in case of the occurrence of an additional order.
③A cancellation fee will arise when you cancel the reservation with the conditions as follows. Please remember that a cancellation fee will also arise for a cancellation after the termination of the counseling.
④When there is a repayment caused by a cancellation, we will refund it to you with an amount of money that deducted transfer fees.
cancelation fee
Base date A cancellation fee
After the 7th day calculated from one day before the first counseling day  10% of the sale price
A cancelation on the day (a cancelation on the day after a counseling)   20% of the sale price
A cancelation after the nest day of the application sealing (signing) day 100% of the sale price
About the coloring at the second visit to Japan
Rescheduling of the date for coloring after the 3rd day calculated from one day before the coloring (A separate additional fee) \ 75,600
This program includes;
・Full custom-made merchandise produced by 3D printer with premium coloring for foreigners
・Two times worth of Gel-fit (including oversea shipping charge)
・A cost for an interpreter and a concierge during your staying in our store.
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here