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Brain premium special health checkup (Special Dock) (Nippon Medical School Chibahokusoh Hospital)

implementation facility
  • Nippon Medical School Chibahokusoh Hospital
  • 270-1694
  • Chiba1715, Kamagari, Inzai city, Chiba
Facility Details
program name
Brain premium special health checkup (Special Dock) (Nippon Medical School Chibahokusoh Hospital)
  • medical check up:MRI/MRA
program details
The serious brain disease develops suddenly and there are not a few cases in which life is deprived in an instant or speech impairment or paralysis that is a sequela needed a high care burden leaves. We aim the early detection for cerebral infarction, cerebral bleeding, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and brain tumor etc. using MRI・MRA or carotid ultrasonography with high accuracy. We examine the future risks for cerebrovascular disease by understanding whether the examinee has blood vessel stenosis which may be pre-symptom of stroke, and unruptured cerebral aneurysm which may cause subarachnoid hemorrhage or the arteriosclerotic condition of the vessels. In addition, check of tumor marker, Helicobacter pylori which relates strongly to the occurrence of stomach cancer, hepatitis, thyroid function, or life style related diseases etc. is performed using blood examination, which confirms general health condition.
consultation day
From Monday to Friday
day off
Year-end and New Year holidays April 15th (foundation day) ※Need to confirm
duration (days)
4 hours
start/end time
requirement, condition for apply
【MRI】People described as follows need to inform it to us in advance.
・Having cardiac pacemaker, metal piece, medical instruments or metallic materials in the body ・Taking a tattoo or art make etc. ・Having a claustrophobia ・Being or may be pregnant ・Pasting a medical patch
meal condition
Not available
the services included in the package
[Health checkup programs]
[Concierge]The previous day : Interpretation at pre-meeting for checkup schedule, checkup details and matters to be attended On the day of examinations: Personal assistance and interpretation by interpreters in the medical institute.
[Services during medical checkup]Relaxation goods and refreshment after examinations.
[Delivering documents in advance]Documents such as time schedule, checkup details, medical questionnaire, informed consent and any other necessary important notice etc.
[Result of medical checkup]Translating and mailing checkup result reports.
cancelation fee
14 days-7 days before the scheduled checkup 5% of the program price
6 days-3 days before the scheduled checkup  30% of the program price
2 days before the scheduled checkup   50% of the program price
1 day before the scheduled checkup   80% of the program price
Same day/No-show       100% of the program price
※It is calculated based on the effective working day of the health checkup center.
for more details information about this program,
kindly inquire from here
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