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Shomikai Kanamachi Kidney Clinic

  • 125-0041 TokyoShibusawa Kanamachi Building 4F, 1-23-2, Higashikanamachi, Katushika-ku
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facility details
We, Kanamachi Kidney Clinic, provide not only daytime hemodialysis but also nighttime one for people working in the daytime. We can perform a variety of hemodialysis methods such as hemodialysis, online-hemodiafiltration, and intermittent infusion hemodiafiltration etc.
sales point
【Location】One minute walk from JR Kanamachi station
【Treatment and inspection devices】X-ray, CAVI, ECG, In Body, and Ultrasonography
【Facilities in the clinic】Free WiFi, complete barrier free, a wheelchair can be used all over the clinic, TV is set aside the each treatment bed, all treatment beds are electric, and HDF-compliant 14 consoles are installed.
【Pocketalk is available】It is a multiple language coping system and it covers almost all of the languages. Please come without any anxiety in terms of communication.
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