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Natural breast

  • 812-0018 FukuokaFukuoka Art Center 507, 3-1-18, Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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Natural breast is a company specialized in artiticial breasts. We offer artiticial breasts with high quality and low price to patients who lost their breast by a breast cancer surgery.
It is good for patients who think like those as follows;
① I want to wear cool clothing with a low neckline in summer.
② my body balance gets worse because of losing one side of breasts after the surgery.
③ I want to act not to care the moving over of a bra or a pad while doing a daily work or sports.
④ I want to but hesitate bathing in a hot spring or swimming in a pool because I am worried about the surgical
scar or getting a public attention as I lost my breast.

Natural breast Co.,Ltd. received a business authorization of a new cooperation project with Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and we are promoting our business while being supported by government to offer all of you the best merchandise.
Name of authorized business: 「Development and commercialization of artiticial breasts equipped with an adhesive Gel-core」. We acquired a patent on the artiticial breasts using Gel-fit.
1. the name of the invention is artiticial breasts.
2. Patent number is 6393880.
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