• rehabilitation, training

Okinawa Rehabilitation Center Hospital

  • 904-2173 Okinawa2-15-1, Hiyagon, Okinawa-shi
  • rehabilitation, training:rehabilitation, training
facility details
The Okinawa Rehabilitation Center Hospital is one of the largest general rehabilitation hospitals in Japan, specializing in recovery-phase rehabilitation. In addition to the rehabilitation department, the hospital has the specialized departments of internal medicine, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. The hospital is proud of its reliable support system based on team medical care. In medical checkup, full-time specialists in each department will not only explain the diagnosis results but also offer guidance for recommended future improvements directly to you. Recipients can stay in the special sky lounge for this checkup course between tests and until results become available.
You can relax in a terrace seat in the lounge, from which the Pacific Ocean can be seen.
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